How To
Creating a VivaRate Account is a piece of cake. You just have to click on "LOGIN/SIGNUP" and then on "Sign up".
In order to redeem a coupon code you just have to put the product in your Amazon basket. When you reach the "Place your order page" you will see a field where you can enter your promotional coupon code.
Just click the picture of the product, and you will be automatically transferred to the VivaRate product page of it.
You can request a coupon code by clicking on "Get Coupon!" below the product picture. At the same time, you will receive an email with the coupon code and the instructions to redeem it.
You are allowed to have only one VivaRate Account per Amazon Store. It is not allowed to have more than one VivaRate Account in the same household, and you are allowed to get ONLY 1 unit per product.
In order to find you Amazon Profile follow these steps:

1) Click on the Link for your Amazon Store:



- Amazon.IT

- Amazon.ES

- Amazon.FR

- Amazon.JP

2) Sign-in to your Amazon Account

3) After signing in to your Amazon Account you will see the following Web-Address on your browser:

4) Copy the green character string and enter it into the Sign-up Form.

Yes, creating a VivaRate Account is completely free. After creating your account you are free to choose which products you want to test.
No, reselling products that you purchased using a discount code from VivaRate is not allowed in any way.
Don’t worry. We will help you solve this issue.

First, please try the following:

1) Remove the product from your basket
2) Sign out from your Amazon Account
3) Sign in to your Amazon Account
4) Order the Product again as instructed in the E-mail
5)Redeem the Code again

If it is still not working, please send us an e-mail to and let us know whether you have ordered this product before. Please also send us a screenshot of the error message shown when redeeming the code.

No, you are not required to leave a disclaimer after the latest TOS Update.
No, you are not required to leave a review on Amazon. Of course if you decide you can leave one, but that is totally on your own discretion.
No, the coupon code is only for you, and should not be shared anywhere else.
If you accidentally claimed a coupon Code which you don't want to use, then just send as a message to so we can make it available again for another product tester.
Just click here, to send us an email.